Covenant Theology: Presbyterian or Baptist?

Updated and expanded.

Pilgrim & Shire

In this post, I would like to offer a sketch of Baptist (1689) Covenant Theology, contrast it with a few points within Westminster Covenant Theology, and offer some recommended resources for further study. It is my belief that what separates Reformed Baptist and Presbyterians is not baptism, first and foremost, but covenant theology. So says Pascal Denault:

Baptism is not the fundamental distinctive between these two groups. We propose that covenant theology is the distinctive between Baptists and paedobaptists and that all the divergence between them, both theological and practical, including baptism, stem from their different ways of understanding the biblical covenants. Baptism is, therefore, not the point of origin but the outcome of the differences between paedobaptists and credobaptists.[1]

A Brief Sketch of Baptist Covenant Theology:

The opening chapters of the Bible relay how God created all that exists. It might be helpful to think of two…

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