While serving as Navy Diver on SDV Team 2, I was saved by God’s grace. I left the Roman Catholic Church that I grew up in and became a Baptist (later a Reformed Baptist). After the Navy, I earned a BA in Christian Worldview & Apologetics from Boyce College (the undergraduate school of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary). While in school I served as a discipleship pastor at a church in northern Kentucky.  I am currently pursuing an M.A.R in theology from Westminster Theological Seminary, and serving as a youth pastoral intern at a local church.  My hope is that this blog will be a place for pilgrims walking the narrow path to the heavenly city.


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  1. Hi. Just came upon your site from a facebook group called “I’m a Reformed Baptist!” On your “Who should be Baptised” you quoted Spurgeon on agreeing on only 1%… baptism… I heartily agree with that, as I’m very interested in the Covenanters and National Covenanting, etc… I am learning more about the distinction between Baptist and Presbyterian covenant distinctions, etc…
    I do have a question… It never accured to me that evangelism wasn’t nessesarily for lay people until I just read something along thosr lines from s Reformed Baptist perspective. I was wanting to on go to a local city and try witnessing to street kids, and such. I was a runaway on those same streets in the early and mid 80’s. I’m pretty postmillenial minded, and feel the pull to get more active somehow. Anyway, I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks…


    1. Richardo,

      Great to hear from you! I have a couple thoughts:

      1) I wrote a piece on my blog regarding Covenantal distinctions between Presbyterians and Baptists. I also hyperlinked several sites and videos throughout that article for further study. You might find it useful in your studies. (https://pilgrimandshire.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/covenant-theology-presbyterian-or-baptist/).

      2) Praise God that you have a heart for the lost, especially young people! Regarding evangelism, I have three pieces of advice: (1) Get into a good Reformed church that has a heart for evangelism, and do evangelism together, (2) Maybe check out a book or two on evangelism and the gospel. Mack Stiles has a really good book on evangelism (http://www.crossway.org/books/evangelism-case/), and Greg Gilbert has one on the gospel (http://www.amazon.com/What-Gospel-9Marks-Greg-Gilbert/dp/1433515008). Reviewing the basics and thinking through your gospel presentation will prove helpful. Also, as a side note, if you give your testimony as a way to evangelize, be sure to make the gospel explicit in your testimony (say something like, “And that’s when I found out that Jesus…”). Sometimes we can get so into our story that we assume they know the Gospel. (3) And finally, just go out and do it! There’s a lot of talk about evangelism and very little doing it. Put it in your schedule if you have to, but just jump in and start telling people the good news!

      3) Regarding evangelism not being for lay people, well that’s just silly (and unbiblical). You don’t need a theology degree to evangelize (or do apologetics). We are all called to evangelize and defend the faith. That’s another article I wrote on as well. (https://pilgrimandshire.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/covenantal-apologetics-part-1-introduction-biographical-sketch-of-cornelius-van-til/). I plan on writing one on evangelism for introverts, but it might be a while before I get to it. Any how, disregard any deterrents to share the Good News!

      I hope that helps and I’ll be praying for your work with those kids!


  2. Thanks so much for your reply! I will check out those links, and I do heartily agree with everything you said. There was something posted I believe on the Im a Reformed Baptist page that was duscussing lay evangelism. I didnt get a chance to read entirely through it, but it seemed to imply evangelism was for ministers… I may have missed something though. I can’t believe we aren’t all called to witness and evangelize for Christ… though you are again right, most people do not… Churches seem to be filled on Sundays, yet I never see or even hear, Christians doing any of that… I think the Jehovas Witnesses have us beat! Shame. Though it will be my shame if after this I do nothing! Again, thanks… Look forward to reading more…


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